Peter's Onion List
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Created by Peter - Launched on March 25 2020

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This service is running on Debian 10 using lighttpd, PHP7 and MariaDB. The source is currently not open (and may never be so). Beside of a PHP online scan, this site also uses multi threaded scanners natively compiled for Linux x64 and aarch64, running since March 27 2020. Everything is still far away from being perfect/complete but we're still in baby shoes!

What's next?

Soon, people will be able to request category and description changes and do manual online tests of onions.

What useragents are your scanners using?

To avoid blacklisting/redirection of my bots by scammers, the PHP scan is using the string of the current Tor Browser version, while the native scanners are using something with "Peters Online Scan" for quick online scans. Quick scans will close the connection without waiting for the server response after the connection was successful and a GET / request was sent (just leaving some advertisement in the uagent string ;))

Why are you doing this?

I got a lot of inspiration from Daniel's Onion List, though I'm not using any source of it (ofc I studied it to get the same look and feel). It just made me sad that his onion list was offline for quite a while, it may still be offline at this moment. More features like testing sites manually will follow soon. I'm not sure yet if I will add the ability to edit onions, as people tend to abuse such features. A json list may be available to registered users with an API-Key, to avoid unnecessary traffic by "download spammers". Just keep an eye on this site! ; )

If you want to leave me a pizza you can do so here: 34C9opiFpBTUDc2uUgnqamPpmVjsdm5tcV

And remember Daniel's wise words: Use your brain. I can't and won't filter 100% of the scam. One of the most important rules on this site is to avoid false positives.

Peter, btw I'm using Arch